Silver 925 Bracelet with Nano Bible and Cubic Zircon Stone

Silver 925 Bracelet with Nano Bible and Cubic Zircon Stone


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Silver 925 Bracelet with Nano Bible and Cubic Zircon Stone
Silver 925 Bracelet with Nano Bible and Cubic Zircon Stone Silver 925 Bracelet with Nano Bible and Cubic Zircon Stone


This 925 sterling silver bracelet features diverse symbols that display the history and cultural roots of ancient Jewish traditions such as the star of David, Menorah and the Nano Bible. THE GIFT OF FAITH A Jerusalem Nano Bible Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all purchases. The Certificate guarantees the authenticity of your Jerusalem Nano Bible and that the utmost care was used to craft the Bible to ensure it’s preservation. Jerusalem Nano Bible is making headlines all over the world. Connect with us to experience how we are igniting a spiritual dialogue with Jerusalem Nano Bible
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Material Sterling Silver
Size 8.58"/225mm
Each element in this bracelet comes with the following symbols: Magen David (the star of David) which is a common symbol for Jewish identity. The Menorah which symbolizes light, wisdom, and Divine inspiration in the Jewish faith. The Nano Bible which contains the Holy Scriptures of Judaism. The cubic zircon stone which is associated with peace and prosperity as believed by the Jewish people. This bracelet is perfect for anyone who has a firm belief in the Jewish teachings. Jerusalem Nano Bible has spent the last two years developing the World’s Smallest Bible, nano lithographed or imprinted in full, onto one 5mm x 5mm silicon surface. Jerusalem Nano Bible is a modern artifact for all believers to carry with them as their own personal Bible and makes for a truly unique keepsake for religious milestones and special life moments. We have combined one of the oldest and most influential books of all time, the Bible with cuting-edge nano technology made in the Holy Land with TowerJazz Semiconductor (NASDAQ: TSEM) merging the spirit and technology of Israel. The Jerusalem Nano Bible can be mounted and re-mounted onto precious metals and jewelry such as pendants, watches, bracelets, lockets and more, allowing believers to keep the Word of God with them always. The Nano Bible Surface The text is covered with a protective layer made from 500 nm Sin and Silicon OxiNitride. The letters are nano printed or engraved in 450 nm thick aluminum. Step 1 • Manufacturing Starting with a silicon wafer, 200 mm in diameter and 0.7 mm thick, a deposit of silicon oxide and aluminum are layered onto the substrate and coated with a photosensitive material or photoresist. Step 2 • Lithography The text is printed on a transparent mask, which is x4 larger than the final print on Silicon. The mask image is exposed onto the photoresist surface while reduced to the final size for final output. Step 3 • Develop and Etch Remove Resist Aluminum is etched through the photoresist layer, copying the pattern onto the alumi- num layer. Then photoresist material is removed. Think of it as reverse puzzle pieces. Step 4 • Protective Layer A protective layer of SiN and Silicon Oxide is deposited onto the wafer and then back grinded from 0.7 mm to 0.4 mm. Aft er the Nano Bibles are cut to the final dimensions.