“Yisrael” Chumash (Black Hardcover)

“Yisrael” Chumash (Black Hardcover)


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“Yisrael” Chumash (Black Hardcover)
“Yisrael” Chumash (Black Hardcover)


This Chumash contains the text of the Five Books of Moses in a large, clear font and has a black cover decorated with silver and grey decorations.

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Size 6.7" x 9.6"

This large sized Chumash features a black cover that is decorated with grey and silver decorations that includes stripes and Hebrew text such as the Hebrew verse “Ki Mitzion Tetzeh Torah U’Dvar HaShem Me-Yerushalayim” that means “For the Torah comes from Zion and the word of G-d from Jerusalem” in English and the words “Chamisha Chumshei Torah” that mean “The Five Books of Moses. The text inside this Chumash is in a clear, large font.
This item is a perfect educational gift for a child beginning to learn Hebrew and about Judaism!