Bubbly, Basic Mezuzah

Bubbly, Basic Mezuzah


Brand: Agayof

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Bubbly, Basic Mezuzah
Bubbly, Basic Mezuzah Bubbly, Basic Mezuzah


Basic, standard design with a bubbly balanced Shin, this mezuzah blows minds away. A charming touch to an artsy home, it warms the soul with every sight.

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Material Aluminium
Size 15

Mezuzot serve as a reminder of our faith. This stylish mezuzah adds some spunk to the Jewish home. The symmetrical dots make up the letter Shin, symbolizing the word “Shadai.” The straight, classic edges and bold, vibrant colors (different colors available) create an artistically unique mezuzah that gives a special feel to the home. At six inches in length it will draw the attention of all those who walk by and remind them of the mitzvoth it resembles.
Please note: Scroll not included.